A Semi-Realistic Wolf RPG set in a vast wilderness where packs fight for survival.
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 Battle Rules & System

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PostSubject: Battle Rules & System   Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:25 pm

The Wolf Moon Battle Rules & System

When it comes to in-character conflicts on The Wolf Moon, there is a set system in place to prevent any sort of God-Modding and to make sure that the fights flow smoothly and realistically. The Battle System hinges heavily on the Rank system in place on this site, so read here to learn more about the Rank System.

The Battle System is not required for small skirmishes or battles with a predetermined winner, but only for large-scale battles that neither team is willing to lose.

  • The charts below explain the varying battle moves, the stamina they require, and the damage they cause.
  • Moves can only be used once you reach a certain rank. Once you reach a certain rank, you may use the battle moves associated with that specific rank and all the battles moves prior to that rank.
  • Omegas are restricted to using 'Pup' and 'Omega' moves only.
  • Only Alpha's may use 'Alpha' moves- no exceptions to this rule.
  • A turn equals one post. Meaning if you are stunned for two turns, then you are stunned for two entire posts.
  • Stun moves cannot be used in succession.

Battle Moves Chart:
MoveRank When First UsableStaminaSpecial EffectDescription
NipPup5N/AUse your teeth to gently bite at your Opponent's exposed face or body.
Front Paw BlowPup5N/AUse your front paw strike out at your Opponent's head.
Play DeadPup5Only usable if your HP is at half or lower.Go limp beneath your Opponent and stop resisting their attacks. After they relax, take them by surprise and escape their grasp. Does not cause any damage to your Opponent's HP.
Tail YankOmega8Stuns your Opponent for one turn. Omega-only move.Bite onto your Opponent's tail and yank it to unbalance them. This is often considered a shameful tactic and is only used by Omegas.
Submissive Belly RollOmega8When using this move, you forfeit the battle to your Opponent and they will no longer attack you. Omega-only move.Roll onto your belly and bare your throat to your Opponent in defeat.
Killing BiteSubordinate10Kills Opponent. Can only be used with Opponent's permission.Bite down hard onto your Opponent's throat until you feel their life-force ebb away.
Flank Tear10 N/AUse your teeth to tear into your Opponent's flank.
Hind Leg SeizeSubordinate10Only usable on an Opponent that is not focused on you.Use your teeth to seize your unsuspecting Opponent by one of their hind legs.
Upright Foreleg LockSubordinate15Stuns Opponent for one turn.Rear up onto your hind legs and use your front legs to wrap around your Opponent's neck to hold them still while you bite at their exposed face.
Jumping StrikeSubordinate15N/ACharge at your Opponent at full speed before knocking them down.
Teeth GripBeta20Can only be hurt by Front Paw moves while using this move.Bite down hard on your Opponent's ear, throat, tail, or leg and don't let go.
Throat SeizeBeta20N/AGrasp your Opponent by the throat and don't let them go- the more they struggle to break free, the more damage they inflict upon themselves.
Scruff HoldBeta25Roll the 'Effects Dice' to see how many turns your Opponent is held for- '1','2', & '3' means that your Opponent is held for one turn. '4', '5', & '6' means that your Opponent is held for two turns. Damage is inflicted each turn this move is used in.Lunge and grasp your Opponent by their scruff and shake as hard as you can without letting go.
Shoulder SlamBeta20N/ACharge at your Opponent full speed and slam your shoulder into any part of their body you can- this move can easily crack ribs.
Rear & StrikeAlpha25N/ARear up onto your hind legs and bring your all your weight crashing down upon your Opponent's spine with the intent to break it.
Muzzle BiteAlpha30Roll the 'Effects Dice' to see how many turns your Opponent is trapped for- '1' & '2' means that your Opponent is trapped for one turn. '3' & '4' means that your Opponent is trapped for two turns. '5' & '6' means that your Opponent is trapped for three turns.  Damage is inflicted each turn this move is used in.Use your teeth to grab hold of your Opponent by their muzzle- but be warned, this move can cause severe damage to your Opponent's jaws.
Head StrikeAlpha25+3 in Damage if your Opponent is not focused on you.Rush at your Opponent at full speed and ram your head into your Opponent's ribs or flank.
Rip & TearAlpha30Can easily kill Opponent and can only be used with Opponent's permission.Knock your Opponent onto their back so that their belly and throat are exposed. Tear at these exposed weaknesses.

Damage Done by Each Rank:
Front Paw Blow6[/d]12182024
Hind Leg Seize--161820
Upright Foreleg Lock--182022
Jumping Strike--152020
Teeth Grip---1922
Throat Seize---1618
Scruff Hold---1618
Shoulder Slam---1922
Rear & Strike----20
Muzzle Bite----25
Head Strike----20
Rip & Tear----25
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Battle Rules & System
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