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 Names and their meanings

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PostSubject: Names and their meanings   Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:55 pm

When a cub is born, they are given a nature-based name, usually something that the mother associates with them or the first thing the mother sees after giving birth. These names are their First Names. These names do not truly have value as they are more an identifier than an identity for the cub.

The Song Name is the important one. This is given to a wolf once they have reached maturity and found a new pack to call their own. The Alpha of that pack will give them their Song Name based off their First Name and announce it before the pack. This is the official sign of acceptance into a pack.

The Song Name is more than just a name, it is believed to be representative of a wolf's soul and essence. Song Names can be changed only when a wolf is named so the pair's names form one soul, representative of their joining. Pack members will never tell another pack or a loner theirs or another pack members Song names, that is considered deeply taboo.

For an example on how a Song Name works. A wolf may be given the First Name, Shadow, at birth and when they are officially accepted into a new pack, may receive the Song Name, Shadow that dances. Pack members will continue to refer to that wolf as Shadow, but the Song Name will be known by that pack. When Shadow takes a mate named Ash which rises, her name may change to Shadow that dances in Ash.
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Names and their meanings
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