A Semi-Realistic Wolf RPG set in a vast wilderness where packs fight for survival.
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 Pack Information

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From Cub to Wolf
From birth to maturity, Cubs are treated with the uttermost care and love by fellow pack members. The raising of cubs is communal, and members will go out of their way to teach them all the skills necessary for survival. Cubs will eat before the Alphas and the Betas. They will be pampered and defended from all predators.

However this treatment comes to an end when they reach 10 moons of age. Once they are 10 moons old, they are considered adults and the pack will send them off to become their own wolf and find their Song Name with another pack or form their own subpack. To ensure genetic diversity, former cubs are not allowed to remain with their parental pack unless they choose to be an Omega or they have a disability that means they cannot leave. Under either circumstances, former cubs that remain in their parental pack are not allowed to mate.

Naturally, this means all wolf packs are made up of the cubs from other packs or loners.

Pack Hierarchy
Like most wolf packs, there are set ranks within the Pack Hierarchy.

The pack usually has two leaders, the Alpha Pair. They are made up of two mated wolves, a female Alpha and a male. Their authority is absolute and they demand complete loyalty from their pack members. To defy an Alpha is to forfeit your life. They are also the ones to give out Song Names and are in complete control over who joins their pack. In cases where one of the couple is dead, then there might be a solitary Alpha leadership, however it rarely works for a long time due to the lone Alpha being easily challenged and removed.

The second is command is the Beta Wolf. The Beta, unlike the Alpha, does not need to have a mate. Betas are the chosen successor to the Alpha Pair, gender is unimportant, however should the Alpha pair die or be removed, they will need to take a mate to secure their claim. A Beta's job is to ensure peace through the pack and support the Alphas. They organise the den-site and the care of the cubs.

Majority of the pack is made up of Subordinate Wolves, they are the backbone of the pack. They serve loyally in their packs and defend their dens to their last breath. Sub. wolves are given a role by the Alpha to fulfil in the pack which consist of hunters, warriors, and scouts. Every full moon, wolves are given the chance to ask the Alpha to change roles. Usually the Alpha will permit it.

The final class of wolves are the Omegas. They are the lowest of the low. They are made up of former cubs of the pack who refused to leave after reaching maturity and find themselves a new pack to join. They will never receive a Song Name, therefore are considered unsuitable to mate with as they have not proven themselves before the pack. Omegas are the last to eat, and bullying them is considered good as it encourages them to leave their parental pack.

How to Join a Pack
Joining a pack is a simple process in Wolf Moon. The packs here are used to accepting loners, however they must prove themselves to the Pack before they receive a Song Name and become an official member. This may include saving a cub that's in danger, fighting a dangerous predator for the pack, fighting against their parental pack, etc. Once they have proven their loyalty, an Alpha will offer to give them their second name.

Mating Rituals
Once a pair of wolves have decided to mate for life, they change their Song Names to be one and represent their union. More information regarding Song Names can be found here.

Death Rituals
When a wolf is too old to actively be involved in clan life or becomes terminally sick, the leader will send them off on a Walkabout. Most wolves choose to do this of their own volition to preserve the pack. The ceremony is performed when the stars are in the sky, and the pack will celebrate the life that the elder wolf has achieved. Then before dawn, the elder wolf will set off to the lands beyond, leaving the pack behind to find a place to die.

In the case of a pack member dying before their time, their body is brought to the densite to be mourned until night. Then their body will be taken to the outskirts of the territory to be left for a sky burial*. It is believed that when the body is consumed by the birds, their spirit will ascend with the birds. This is why it is forbidden for all wolves to hunt birds. And to ensure that no other creatures such as coyotes or foxes touch the body, two wolves will be assigned to stand guard.

*A burial that involves allowing Eagles and other birds of prey to consume the body.
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Pack Information
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