A Semi-Realistic Wolf RPG set in a vast wilderness where packs fight for survival.
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 Lunar Claw Pack

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PostSubject: Lunar Claw Pack   Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:52 pm

The Lunar Claw Pack live in the Deep Woods, a land of lush, thick forests as far as the eye can see. Living in one of the most secure territories, they value integrity and individuality to the point some packs look down at them for not adhering as strictly to pack hierarchy. Wolves of the Lunar Claw Pack are considered to be the most agile, light-footed from hunting in the forest. They are well known for their unparalleled stealth.

Due to their relative safety and decent prey source, the Lunar Claw Pack are quite accepting of newcomers, however will not let other wolves enter their forests until they have been fully accepted by the Alpha. A wolf hoping to join they will have to sleep on the groves outside till the Alpha grants them a song name.

Alpha Pair

Beta Wolf
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Lunar Claw Pack
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