A Semi-Realistic Wolf RPG set in a vast wilderness where packs fight for survival.
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 Waning Feather Pack

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PostSubject: Waning Feather Pack   Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:52 pm

The Waning Feather Pack live in the lowlands, surrounded by the River that pours down from the mountains to curl around their territory. They value honesty and loyalty, believing strongly in upholding pack unity as they live surrounded by predators such as bears and other lone wolves. These wolves are strong swimmers and the swiftest on their feet due to their quarry being quick moving fish or fleeing elks.

Due to the plentiful prey available, the Waning Feather Pack are the easiest pack to join. They see no problem in growing as large as possible, and are always willing to see more wolves join their ranks. Their omegas are treated well too, though they are still not given a Song name or allowed to mate.

Alpha Pair

Beta Wolf
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Waning Feather Pack
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